Realm -- describes Web-space for indexing, using regex/wild patterns



Realm [Subsection] [Method] [CmpType] [Match | NoMatch] {pattern} [alias]


Realm works very similar to the Server command but takes a regular expression or string wildcards as a pattern (rather than a prefix pattern) and does not insert the pattern into the database as entry point URL.

Note: To insert an URL into the database, you can use the URL command.

Subsection is an optional parameter which can take one of the following values: site, world, with world being default.

If Subsection is set to site, then a link between two documents is followed only if both documents belong to the same site. If Subsection is set to world then no site checking is done.

Method is an optional parameter which can take one of the following values: Allow (default), Disallow, CheckOnly, HrefOnly, CheckMP3, CheckMP3Only.

CmpType is an optional parameter to specify comparison type and can take either String or RegEx values, with String being the default.

The pattern parameter define URL pattern. All documents with URL matching the given pattern are considered as corresponding to this Realm command.

The optional alias argument allows to provide an URL rewrite rule, which is a powerful aliasing mechanism.


Realm takes global effect for the entire configuration file and can be used multiple times.

Note: Mutual order of Realm and/or Server commands can be important. See the Section called Using different parameters for a server and its subsections in Chapter 3 for more details.


# Index all HTTP sites in the .ru domain:
Realm http://*.ru/*

# The same using "Regex" match:
Realm Regex ^http://.*\.ru/

# Index everything but .com domain:
Realm NoMatch http://*.com/*

See also

FlushServerTable, Server, ServerTable, Subnet, URL.