CollectLinks -- defines whether to store links between documents, for popularity rank.



CollectLinks {yes | no}


CollectLinks defines whether to store links between documents to collect information required for popularity rank calculation.

Using popularity rank is described in details in the Section called Popularity rank in Chapter 10.

mnoGoSearch versions prior to 3.3.0 implicitly collected links between all crawled documents. Starting from the version 3.3.0, the default behavior is to skip collecting links, for crawling performance purposes. As a side effect popularity rank calculation is not possible in the default configuration. If popularity rank is important for your installation, please specify CollectLinks yes in indexer.conf.

Note: When CollectLinks is set to yes, link information is stored into the links table of the mnoGoSearch database.


CollectLinks affects all Server and Realm commands until the end of the configuration file, or until the next CollectLinks command.


CollectLinks yes

See also

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